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Escort Dating Hygiene Tips

Maintaining novelty!

As they say, “It takes two to tango,” the customer and the escort should meet!

Manners for KL escorts before a date

As an indication of her respect and desire to invite her client along for some sensual enjoyment, the Kuala Lumpur escort girl takes a quick shower before meeting with a client to freshen up and keep her polished appearance.

If you are an incall escort, your client may want a shower upon arrival. This is particularly true if he is coming straight from work. It is acceptable to join him in the shower again, as sharing a shower is always enjoyable!

Since a tidy apartment makes everything appear friendly, incall escorts change the bed before inviting clients over. The bed should also be as fresh and clean as the escort.

Because of intimate contact, KL escort girls often test for COVID, STDs, and STIs. If asked, a Kuala Lumpur escort should be happy to provide current test results for clients who are especially aware of these risks. All of the KL escort girls at this upscale escort agency are just as gorgeous in person as they appear in photos.

Client hygiene etiquette makes him even more appealing to escorts!

Your gorgeous KL escort girl wants to be drawn to you just as much as you are to her when she first sees you. However, she might feel less excited if you haven’t tried to present yourself as someone who has just washed and cleaned up! A discussion over the details will set the stage for a wonderful escort date that pleases you both.

KL escorts frequently lament the unhygienic behavior of their clientele. Make sure that’s not you! Making a positive first impression means looking clean and smelling like shower gel. You shouldn’t be angry if a Kuala Lumpur escort girl asks you to take a shower as soon as you arrive. They simply want to keep standards consistent. The business casual appearance will help you wow her by seeming put-together but professional, and it will convey that your whole demeanor speaks volumes about your commitment to personal hygiene.

Remember not to forget! As you are aware, KL escort girls are attuned to even the slightest details, thus having clean hands and feet is vital!

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